Ideas for Writing a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays by their nature are not very objective. On the contrary they are subjective, personalized and creative. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Coming up with interesting ideas for descriptive essays can be a bit challenging.

Ideas for descriptive writing:

Ideas for Writing a Descriptive EssayDescriptive essays are generally a tougher brand amongst the different essay genres. Unlike the other types, this essay asks for some deep research so that you can vividly describe the topic accordingly.

The following points are some significant rules which you might follow in the course of generating the different descriptive essays:

  • Get a clear concept of the topic
  • Research about the given topic
  • Outline the points that you wish to incorporate in your paper
  • Generate the write-up (Rough)
  • Make the necessary changes and re-write
  • Finally proof read it and generate the final write-up

One of the most important elements in descriptive essays is defining the nominal stature. Strong language is always considered to be the limelight of descriptive essays. On the other hand, usage of specific statistical data and scientific explanation is not acclaimed in these types of essays. At the end of the end it is the clarity of your concept and the test of your imaginative skill that counts the most. At the same point of time, it will also be a test of your writing skills. This might sound to be a bit hard and toilsome but at the end of the day the beauty of it lies within your imagination.

You can follow the given below tips while writing the various descriptive essays:

  • Try to describe something in actuality
  • Use concrete & nonfigurative images
  • Use real & nonrepresentational ideas
  • Avoid overloading with too much flowery adjectives
  • Metaphors or intense usage of similes
  • Test it up with someone else

Descriptive essays often provide you with the freedom of expressing all your imaginative skills. Yes, from the point of view of a student it is a tough nut to crack but at the same time if you really wish to test your writing skills it is these essays that you should write.

Below mentioned are a few samples (excerpts from some descriptive essays and what they should sound like.

The Swimming Pool

This is one of my most favourite areas where i used to spend almost 3 to 4 hours daily. The blue tiles of this swimming pool was like my another life. The giant rock garden structured filtering unit was one giant attraction that made me love this place even more. The diving boards, the colourful tubes, the bright spree of bath suits and the mostly the thunderous voice of my coach is the one thing that I miss the most.

The Meadow

It was one cloudy evening when I decided to lay down under the massive banyan tree and count my daily earnings. I kept on counting until the very beauty of the meadow lying before me attracted my attention. The beautiful backdrop of the hills highlighted by the reddened sky turned all my attraction and attention towards the beauty of nature. Gone were the underlying daily tensions and up came the beautiful scenery of the meadow. The flowers were blooming with all its might while the gushy wind played its part in making the tall grasses wave like cheer leaders.