Tips On How to Format an Essay

Writing any essay, whether in college, university, or in high school, requires you to develop an argument based on a set of coherent ideas. Given the linearity of essays, it is important you establish one idea at a time. The implication is that presenting unorderly ideas in an essay makes it hard for readers to identify with your main points. For you to draw the attention of the reader in your essay, you need to have a clear format such that your target audience does not struggle to read through the essay.

Essay Format: General Guidelines

There are a number of guidelines that you should put into consideration whenever developing the format of your essay. Putting yourself in the shoes of your readers and asking questions that you think are highly relevant will help you develop an appropriate format for your essay:

What then are you supposed to do to ensure that your paper is of high quality and is formatted well? Before starting to write any essay it is important to be aware of the type of essay you’re your instructor requires of you. Different types of essays exist such as literary, comparative, persuasive, argumentative, expository, narrative, among others. Understanding the different types of essays will give you the platform to format any essay accordingly.

Typically, any essay is divided contains various types of information, which is available at different parts of the paper. Regardless of the length of the essay, any essay contains a number of sections including the introduction of the essay’s argument, counter-arguments, and concluding points. While it is common that the introduction and conclusion sections of any essay are placed at fixed positions in any paper, other sections forming the body of the essay can change depending on the type of essay.

It is important to understand the various sections within an essay that can be used to answer readers’ questions. In the event that your readers do not get answers for their questions after reading your essay, it means that you adopted a simple thesis statement that does not bring out the intended claim.

Here are a few questions and hints to help develop an appropriate format for your essay:

  • Tips On How to Format an EssayWhat? This is the first question that you anticipate from your readers. Your thesis statement should aim at providing evidence to any phenomenon that you describe in the essay. Thus, your answer to this question must include an examination of all the necessary evidence in support of your argument.
  • How? The how question will come about since the readers will want to be aware of the true position of the claims that you make in your paper. Have you developed your thesis in such a position that it can challenge all the counter-arguments? Do you have enough materials to support your arguments?
  • Why? Think about the importance of the phenomenon that you are presenting in your essay to your target audience. What implication does your thesis have in general? Providing the right answers for this question will help your readers gain an understanding of the focus and the subject of your essay. Ensure that you focus on answering this question in your introduction and extensively at the end of your essay as this renders your essay finished and meaningful.