Good Topics For Argumentative Essays

There are countless topics from which to create an effective argumentative essay. The key for all is simply to outline your position and to substantiate your arguments using facts and basic rhetoric. Below are a number of different topics that you may use to as a basis for your essay.

  1. Arranged marriage is more effective and provides greater longevity than unions based on romance.
  2. The war against terrorism has resulted in a fundamental dilution of American Constitutional rights.
  3. Welfare programs have contributed to the overall decrease in economic output in this country.
  4. The promotion of dieting has resulted in a net increase in obesity in Western countries.
  5. American businesses should model their holiday schedules and vacation programs after European countries.
  6. Enrollment in private school does not improve the overall level of education in students.
  7. Censorship, in cases of security, is a necessary evil.
  8. In times of strife, citizens are willing to give up fundamental human rights.
  9. Citizens of a government should be required to serve in the military as part of their civic duty.
  10. The legal drinking age should be abolished.
  11. The government should subsidize college students who major in areas where there is a dearth of available workers.
  12. Social Security should be abolished.
  13. The government should enact junk-food taxes on foods known to contribute to poor health.
  14. High school graduates that opt out of college should be required to go into the military.
  15. To conserve fuel, the 55 mps speed limit on freeways should be re-established.
  16. Where safe, on interstate highways, the speed limit should be eliminated.
  17. All illegal immigrants should be granted resident status.
  18. All illegal immigrants should be issued drives licenses.
  19. Any individual that has not been convicted of a crime should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon.
  20. Financial aid should only be issued based upon academic merit.

As you can see from the list above, the topics for this type of essay are generally divisive and are designed to elicit a strong response from both the supporting and opposing participants. More argumentative than traditional topics, these types of platforms are often used by politicians and those practicing rhetoric to drive a wedge between parties and to unify members.

Care should be taken when choosing a divisive topic. If chosen wisely and used properly, it can be an effective tool to rally support from a targeted niche of individuals with similar views. However, opponents can also use your comments and support of these views to demonstrate that you may be uninformed and may be too fanatical for the post that you are seeking.