Narrative Essay Tips

There are many types of essays when it comes to handling essay writing assignments. Writing a narrative essay is one of the enjoyable ones. Unlike most other essays such as evaluation essays or analysis essays, this essay calls for creativity and skills of storytelling. Imagine a story being read to you by someone and how you would enjoy listening to it. Your essay too should have this effect on its reader as it will be narrating a story.

This type of essay shares commonality with a personal essay in that it is most often written with the author’s point of view. It can be written on any subject matter suited for a narration essay topic. Use of sensory details is recommended as you would do in a description essay. In order to make your essay distinct and interesting, a gripping plot and interesting characters as well as a good ending will be useful. Since it is meant to narrate an experience, an event or a story make sure that the essay writing is done with simple words.

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How to write a narrative essay

There are few main points of consideration when beginning to write an essay of this nature.

  1. It should hold the reader’s full attention. If the essay is something that the reader finds impossible to put down until he has completed reading it, you have achieved part of your goal.
  2. The core essence of your story should be relevant to the reader. If it is an essay which the reader can connect with and something that he can relate to, it would be considered a good essay.
  3. Selecting essay topics which are interesting to the reader as well as the writer will make for interesting and passionate narrations. When writer is interested in the topic he or she will be more involved and the ideas will have more intensity.
  4. Brainstorm on any interesting ideas which will come to mind on the topic selected. Since this essay calls for creativity, your ideas should be allowed to flow freely.
  5. Narrative Essay is a common English assignment for GCSE coursework or middle school assignments. Therefore, learning to apply proper essay structuring and formatting is essential.
  6. Use of an essay outline always makes it easier to write any essay be it a personal essay or any other.
  7. This type of essay is written in the first person. Words such as “I”, “me” and “my” are used quite often in a narrative essay.
  8. Read sample essays which are available on essay banks and personal experiences in journals and articles which are good sources for you to get a better idea of how to write this type of essays.

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