Writing A Convincing Othello Essay

You are a struggling student and have now been asked to write the dreaded Othello essay. Yikes! What in the world can you write that will show your intelligence and how demonstrate that you truly understand the content? That is the million-dollar question. You probably are wondering why you have even been asked to even perform this mind boggling task. It actually isn’t as bad as you may think and you have many opportunities to “strut your stuff!” Show your teacher what a great writer you are by being persuasive and convincing in your research paper.

Even the name William Shakespeare scares the daylights out of many students. All they can think of is boring, boring, boring! However, there is a wealth of knowledge in his writings and his universe is just waiting to be explored and expanded on. So, take a chance and begin looking at how Shakespeare can show what a tremendous literary student you are. Be open-minded and ask questions if you come to a fork in the road when evaluating Shakespeare’s Othello.

William Shakespeare wrote Othello in the 1600’s as a tragic novel. You may want to look at the main characters of the story and evaluate their individual personalities and importance to the storyline. Some of the main characters that are worth your time to explore are Othello, Desdemona, Cassio and Iago. How do they interact with each other and how important is their character? What is your perception of each character? Your perception is important in your essay because the characters have different effects on each individual reader. Your ideas and feelings are what your teacher wants in the final essay. Your essay must show that you understand Shakespeare’s purpose in his selection of characters. His purpose should be your purpose in your essay.

At this point, you may feel that writing an Othello essay is far beyond anything you can comprehend and complete. It’s really not that difficult to write an analysis essay which is important when you want to expand each character’s role in the novel. Or, you can focus on an opinion essay in which you interpret certain events in the story and put your opinions in your own logical words. Another option you might choose is to write a critical essay which will contain your perceptions of the events occurring in the story. Your final essay will not be as demanding as you may think and along the way you may actually acquire a love for Shakespeare! Give it a try and explore the many essay topics that are out there just waiting for you.

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