Essay Format: Parts of an Essay

The format of your essay plays a significant role as far as the meaning and ease of readability are concerned.

A basic essay is divided into three major parts, which include the introduction part, the body section, and the conclusion of the essay. With such a format, you will be in a position to ensure that your paper is organized well such that your readers find it easy to read and identify the main points. Regardless, it is important to exercise flexibility whenever needed especially considering that, the organization and the style of writing that you adopt in any essay should depend on the specific guidelines available as well as the topic that you are addressing.

If essay writing is difficult for you, can choose essays topic for you, write outline and describe all parts of your future essay. Highlighted below are the main parts that you should include in your essay:

The introduction section

This part of your essay is very important as it determines whether or not a reader should continue reading the essay. It opens up the essay and thus, should have what it takes to draw the attention of readers. Introduce your topic with a hook to capture the interest of your target readers.

While there are different approaches to introduce your paper, it is recommendable to use a strategy that best works for you and your target audience. Some of the common approaches that authors use includes the use of a question that awakens the curiosity of the reader regarding the subject that the author purposes to cover in the essay, the use of an analogy, a quote, or even the end of a given story that aligns with the subject matter.

The introduction part of your essay should provide the background information on your subject or topic. Provide general information regarding the subject that you are addressing to able your target audience to gain the necessary understanding of your claims. After the general information, narrow down to the specific information about your subject. This approach is very critical as it draws readers from a state of lack of knowledge to where they get to learn of the essay’s focus through the statement of the thesis.

Thesis Statement

Provide the primary ideas that you cover in your essay through the thesis statement. A thesis statement refers to a sentence or two, which you include in an essay for the purpose of highlighting the primary focus in any given essay. It plays an important role in the process of writing any essay since it provides the readers with the necessary insights about the coverage of the essay. In most of the cases, you will find that the thesis statement acts as an umbrella to your paper in that it determines what you need to include or exclude in the essay.

It is important to understand that that a thesis statement should not be fixed. Its flexibility gives you a chance to restate it or even comfortably add any new information in the course of writing your essay. When developing your thesis statement focus mostly on the topic that you are addressing, your individual opinion regarding the topic, as well as any available points of discussion with respect to the subject matter.

Your thesis statement not only helps you to stay within the course of the essay while writing as it outlines the essay’s focus but also helps your reads to identify the primary argument or main idea that you are expressing. Use the thesis statement as the road map throughout the paper.

Developing an ideal thesis statement can be quite challenging in the event that it is your first time to write an essay. Are you wondering what criteria to adopt to come up with a strong thesis that guarantees you a high quality and comprehensive essay? You can only come up with such an essay if you adopt the right approaches to develop and support your thesis. You can brainstorm for suitable ideas that can offer the necessary support that your thesis needs. Where you are not in position to come up with enough ideas, the chances are high that you need to restate your thesis.

Use the freewriting or the clustering approaches to identify the right ideas for your essay. In the case of the clustering strategy, develop a list all the ideas that come to your mind that have a close relationship to the thesis statement, after which you establish how you can use the ideas to support your thesis statement. The freewriting approach refers to the use all the ideas that cross your mind to back up your thesis statement, without thinking.

Body of the Essay

The body of your essay acts as the bulk of the entire paper. This is where you develop you whole essay from one paragraph to the other. To do this, establish the main ideas and support them with strong evidence from research. Most authors prefer to have three paragraphs for the body of their essay. While this is appropriate, it is advisable for you to consider the type of essay that you are working on since some essays might necessitate the need for more paragraphs.

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For example; in a case where you are writing a compare and contrast essay, you might decide to use the block pattern of approaching the features that you are addressing, which might require more than 3 paragraphs. Whichever format you decide to use for the paragraphs within the body of your essay, ensure that they are detailed. Such details can include various information that offer support to your thesis statement.

To ensure that your paragraphs are rich and supportive of the thesis statement, start off with a topic statement for each paragraph. The topic sentence opens the discussion within that paragraph which necessitates the use of information from other sources to support the topic sentence and the thesis statement of your paper.

Arrange all your paragraphs such that your readers have essay time transitioning from one idea to the other. The implication is that you should address one idea in one paragraph and at a time. To achieve this, order your paragraphs according to the significance of the ideas that you present in each paragraph. This way, you will be in a position to ensure that you comprehensively cover all the important aspects about the given subject.


The development of any paper largely depends on the transitions that you use. Transitional devices are phrases or words which you can use to connect an idea or a thought from one sentence or paragraph to another. Such transitional devices enable readers to easily understand the subject of any given essay. The transitions used in any essay can be in the form of one or two words such as “in addition”, “next”, “first”, etc. In addition, sentences can be used to act as transitions by connecting one paragraph or idea to the other such that readers can understand the main points in any essay.


The conclusion of your essay is as important as its introduction. This section provides a summary of the main ideas that you present in the body of your essay. Refer back to the thesis statement and restate it. Focus to leave your readers with the final ideas about your main subject while at the same time giving them a sense of essay’s closure. What issues does your essay resolve? What is the implication of your argument? Do not add any information in the conclusion that was not part of the ideas and arguments that you have presented in the essay. Summarize the primary ideas, thoughts, and points that you have covered in your essay.